compagnie n'est-ce pas

She has created seven evening-filling productions along with a series of shorter pieces and also a video-dance-film with her company. They toured in Switzerland and abroad.

compagnie n'est - ce pas was founded in 1992 by the choreographer Bettina Holzhausen. After several years of experience as freelanced dancer she started her career as a choreographer with the solo "Ich sass dann da..." in 1991. In 1993 she sucessfully presented her first long group piece with her company "Nur nicht mit den Füssen den Boden berühren".

Between 1994 and 1999 she created the full evening productions "nachtschatten", "Carré blanc", "Kopf oder Zahl", "mother tongue" and "Capriccio" and the company started touring extensively in Switzerland and abroad.

The video-dance film „Ich sass dann da...“ by Christian Davi was released in 1994 and took part in many festivals and competitions: Specially mentioned by the jury of the 3rd Festival Internacional de Video Danza in Buenos Aires. It was as well broadcasted by the Swiss Television in January 1995.

In 1997 and 1998 compangnie n’est-ce pas was awared an special annual grant by the City of Zurich.

In 2001 she choreographed two short pieces: the duo "ich gehe sitze liege fliege" and the solo "invisible me". Due to Bettina Holzhausen’s committments and other projects abroad the company became less productive than before. With the choreography „Here and Now?“ the company returned back in May 2004.

1992: Ich sass dann da...
1993: Nur nicht mit den Füssen den Boden berühren
1994: nachtschatten
1994: "Ich sass dann da..." (dance video)
1995: Carré blanc
1997: Kopf oder Zahl
1998: Mother tongue
1999: Cappricio
2001: invisible me
2001: ich gehe sitze liege fliege
2002: Capriccio
(adapted for Olga Zitluhina Dance Company in Riga)
2004: Here and Now?